• Kevin Fish

    Kevin Fish

  • Ceri Newton

    Ceri Newton

    I’m an Agile Behavioural Coach, and an infinitely flawed human. She/her. @HotCupOfTeaPls

  • manikandan natarajan

    manikandan natarajan

  • Dan Beasley

    Dan Beasley

  • Matthew Skelton

    Matthew Skelton

    Co-author @TeamTopologies 📗 and others 📚 / Head of Consulting @ConfluxHQ: #OrgDynamics + software practices / @SenseConf / CEng / he/his 🎺🎶🧠🖊️✏️

  • Farah Egby

    Farah Egby

    Software Agilist, Erstwhile Scientist, Music Dabbler and Amateur Human Being.

  • Olaf Lewitz

    Olaf Lewitz

    Olaf Lewitz loves his life and his work. He helps all with the art to love like that; an art that requires and fosters trust. He’s the trust artist. CEC

  • Şaban Ulutaş

    Şaban Ulutaş

    Senior Software Engineer ||| Refactor the life ||| Less is more ||| Great things never came from Comfort Zones

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